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Hello friend!

I'm sam couch, a native of Southern California, transplant to Philadelphia. I am a data-driven strategist and engineer with a focus on SaaS, consumer products, and e-commerce. I am constantly exploring other interests, right now, I am diving into ways to help influencers own their audience and develop true retention strategies.

I have an extensive background in product engineering, partnership development, and creating unique and engaging go-to-market strategies for both consumer brands and B2B SaaS applications. I have a strong analytic foundation for everything I do but love the creative process of developing strong brand stories and exciting narratives.

Let's chat and grab some tacos!

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Audience Retention for Influencers

TL;DR :: The days of influencers solely relying on platforms for distribution is long gone. It's time to invest in owned channels for a sustained, long-term approach to operating as a business and influencer. The same tools that have helped traditional businesses scale from 5-figures to 6-figures in monthly revenue